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Linen tablecloth

The comfort in your house is influenced by little details and things: original towels in a bathroom, beautiful napkins in the kitchen, an elegant tablecloth in a dining room. Home textiles plays a significant role in  life of a modern man. While choosing a high quality products for your home, you raise standard of your life and aesthetics perception of house entourage .
Tablecloths from pure linen and cotton is one of the most popular and demanded accessories of the home decor . Not only they are aesthetic, but they also carry a significant functional load such as protecting furniture from scratches, spots and other possible damages. Furthermore this it is hard to imagine well served table without a simple snow-white table cloth or elegant napkins.
Textiles from flax and cotton are distinguished by its sturdiness, longevity and durability. Linen fibers are dense and do not torn even after multiple washings beside this the well maintained their vibrant color over the years.


An excellent variety of our luxury tablecloth, napkins, runners, towels collection from pure linen and cotton are presented in our on line-store. Being a part of the fashion industry, we offer you fine linen for the kitchen, Classic Linen tablecloths for home decor which indicates a good taste, sense of style and tradition. If you want to buy tablecloths and napkins from pure linen or other textiles, call us on the numbers listed on the site.
Textile is our passion and over the year we are have build indestructible reputation of our quality and customer service,we are ready satisfy all your textile demands ,please call us on number 

For Europe +351969224117
For USA and Canada +15106762770



Linen products can be laundered with washing machine, as well as they can be trusted to dry cleaning.

Advantage of dry cleaning that returned items are smooth.

Items from traditional linen may shrink up to 5 percents if you wash at home first time .